martes, 18 de febrero de 2014


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Hello Friends! As huge proponents of the pro-life movement and being a voice for the voiceless, we are so honored to be supporting a God-honoring film about life called ALISON'S CHOICE written and produced by BRUCE MARCHIANO, an awesome brother in Christ and a talented speaker/author/actor best known for his portrayal of Jesus in “The Gospel According to Matthew.” We are positive that God is smiling down upon Bruce Marchiano labeled as the ‘Smiling Jesus,' as he passionately works to save the lives of precious unborn children by using his talents in film, media, and entertainment.

ALISON’S CHOICE, now in development, is a feature film that seeks to save unborn lives and to answer the question, “What would Jesus say to a woman having an abortion?” Jesus is placed in the most ungodly and heartrending place imaginable – an abortion clinic, reaching out to a young mother, Alison, trying to save her baby’s life. 

The producers of ALISON'S CHOICE, a film which unabashedly shares the love, grace, and holiness of Jesus Christ, are now asking you, “Will you help put this film out there?” You can have a part in saving babies lives by helping fund this film through prayer, donations, and spreading the word. Come and join us as we PRAY, GIVE, and, SHARE God’s plan for “Alison’s Choice!”

For more information on how to help support this project,
God bless you!
Ministerios Marchiano

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