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From Bruce Marchiano

De Bruce Marchiano
Febrero 2014

 Toda la gloria a  Jesús !

All glory to Jesus!

Praise to Jesus! Praise to Jesus! It's almost 4 on Friday afternoon and there's no way I'm going to shut down for the day without popping in for a "visit" with you. I'm just so thankful as I write you today - so thankful for the ministries the Lord has placed before us (yes, I'm including you!) and what it all counts for; so amazed at the life the Lord has given me on every level.

Don't get me wrong - that has zero to do with everything being exactly as I'd have it and no challenges. I don't know about you, but sometimes my days feel like nothing but challenges! And I'll never forget my precious South African partner, Pastor Martin Tivane, who would so often say to me, "Life, my brother, is all in how you meet the challenges."

Challenges ebb and flow in this very imperfect world we walk in, filled with imperfect people (no different than me!). And it is nothing short of breathtaking to really, strongly, comprehend that we who are born again have no less than theliving God to hand-lead us through every step of it. "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for You are with me... You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies..." Praise to Jesus!

In fact, that Scripture where Jesus talks about "peace that surpasses understanding." He's talking about a peace that has nothing to do with circumstances; a peace that makes zero "human sense." He's talking about a man/woman who has nothing... and yet is ok. Yes, heartbroken. Yes, grieving. Yes, weary. Yes, knocked down for now... But ok. And even more than ok. Because of Jesus!

On the ministry front things are popping. The Alison's Choice film is moving quickly; equally so, the NewJesusMovie. And just today I received an email from Pastor Martin's wife, Alcy, about moving forward in South Africa as we progress with our care of the orphans and continue to share Jesus among the villages of the NorthWest Province. Here's some of Alcy's email...

Moruti I love you all is well with us, we are experiencing God's fullness every Sunday in all the churches, glory to Jesus. Moruti the weekend of 17 May is perfect for the next big crusade. Like we talked about in villages of Lethabong and Erasmus we have been holding the mini-crusades this month to stir new souls. I thank the Holy Spirit that we continue to reach souls. For the orphans I believe as we pray God will give us land not far from the school to build the kitchen and a house for these kiddies. I'm also looking around Brits for the "center of worship" we have long spoken of even before my husband passed, because the church is now growing very fast and I know that God will give to us...

Again, I can only praise Jesus for all he has placed before me - and before us all as we move forward together to His glory and to the salvation of precious souls. Have a great weekend! Go forward knowing He is with you. Go forward knowing that there isnothing bigger than Him, and the safest, most productive, most fulfilling, most energizing, most joy-supplying, most life-aliving... place you can be... is deeply in Him. We worship Jesus! Glory to Jesus!

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