martes, 4 de marzo de 2014

I thank God for you! I praise Jesus for you!

Production Report

Glory to Jesus! Thank you for your prayers over casting. I can't give you a name yet but the Lord may have brought us our Alison. The story of how I came in contact with her is too long to tell, but (so far) it bears the mark of the Lord's leading. Here's the email I received from her after sending her the script synopsis: "Thank you for reaching out to me. :)  I read over the synopsis and am still wiping tears off my face.  It is beautiful, powerful and truthful. The story doesn't seem forced or contrived, just real. I would really like to talk to you more about this project and yes, to see if this is a good fit. :)."

Please continue to pray, ok? The casting of Alison is critical because she has to be someone that young women from all stations of life can relate to. I'll be meeting with this actress this week and seeking God all the way. So together we pray, ok? Glory to Jesus!

Our International LifeSavers

May I share an email I just received from Sharon: "Last month we got a donation from Finland through the AC website and yesterday we got another one. That's great! There was a donation from Australia, England and South Africa..." And as you already know, a great effort has been launched in Argentina. The Lord is raising up LifeSavers across the globe who share his tears for the unborn. All we need to do is keep reaching out to our family, friends, churches, co-workers... and the Lord does the rest! 

I tell you, I'm so honored to be joined together with you, here in the US and also beyond. Just last night I was thinking about the premiere of Alison's Choice, with you in attendance. What a wonder it will be to ask you to stand all across the theater and hear the roar of applause - even as it is joined by applause from heaven. Well done, LifeSavers. Because of you, this is happening. Well, well done.

Please Forward This Blog Post Everywhere!

I mentioned to you about popular Christian blogger, Erin James, joining us. She's posting a blog about Alison's Choice fresh today. This is a perfect opportunity for you to share AC virally by emailing the link, posting it on your Facebook/Twitter and everyplace-else page. Please, this is a great opportunity to spread the word with the click of a mouse, ok? 
Here's the link:
Ready, set... post everywhere!

I thank God for you! I praise Jesus for you! Until next week! 

Bruce Marchiano

Hello LifeSavers!

I have just returned from spending an evening with my Life Group - and tonight I took a point of personal privilege with them.  During the meeting I was able to share the Alison's Choice story with them - I used the Unborn song by Caitlin Jane to open the discussion.  I gave them all a copy of the 1-sheet summary and some of the business cards to use with their friends.  I know that it isn't easy to talk to friends about money but it becomes easier as you do it over and over.  I want to challenge you to talk to family and friends about this movie project.  Be bold!  Make a plan to speak up about it.

Tomorrow night I will talk to the women's group - encouraging them to get involved and to donate some money.  Keep up the good work you have started - I know that it takes more than just one contact.  These days people are so overloaded with "stuff" to do and see and hear that you can become just another voice to forget about.  But don't be fooled - saving babies is an important work that we have to do!

Thanks for what you have done! Thanks for what you will do this week! Thanks for your prayers!  Let me know if you need business cards, the 1-sheet summary, or if you have suggestions.

Sharon Puterbaugh

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